Bobbie's School of Performing Arts

2019 Studio Tuition Policies & Contract

Parents are responsible for reading and following the policies below.

  • Tuition will be posted 5 days prior to the 1st of each month. Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. There will be a one time annual $40 Registration fee. A Credit Card is required in your jackrabbit account at the time of registration. All financial information is saved on a secure server. The only information visible to our Staff will be the last 4 digits of your Credit Card saved in your Jackrabbit account. The Credit Card saved in your Jackrabbit account will be automatically charged if payment is not made 30 days after tuition is posted and another method of payment was not received prior. If Credit Card is declined, a $25 fee will be incurred and a paper statement mailed out. Any accounts past due 60 days will suspend all activities at Bobbie’s until account is resolved. We understand difficulties and hardships so please remember that communication is key.
  • There is a $25 fee for any returned checks. NSF checks must be replaced within 10 days of notification.
  • Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts has the right to refuse service if outstanding balances have not been reconciled.
  • Tuition is figured on a 10-month school year (September – June) where holidays are taken in to account.  Tuition will be the same every month – unless there’s a change in the dancer’s schedule.
  • We do not refund tuition or give credit for missed classes. An account is only prorated when a student adds or drops a class in order to add mid-month. If a student misses a class, it is his/her responsibility to attend a make-up class in a comparable or lower level within 2 months of the absence. If a class is cancelled, it is the studio’s responsibility to offer a make-up class or prorate tuition for that particular month.
  • Parents must fill out a blue Class Change form if any changes are made to the original schedule (Add, Drop, Withdraw) as filled out by you at the time of registration. Official notification from parent of class changed is required. You will be held responsible for the original tuition amount until ALL required paperwork has been received. All class changes must be in writing – we will not accept changes over the phone. The option of a printable PDF Class Change form is on our website and will be accepted if scanned to
  • E-mail will be used to contact you with information regarding important scheduling information, class changes, billing questions and recital information. (Please set your security setting to receive email from and
  • Recital costumes must be paid in full before they are received. Late fees will apply when payment is received after the deadline.

Participation in the end of the year Recital is EXPECTED.

Our program concludes with a Recital showcasing each class to the best of their ability. This performance is an important part of ta student’s dance experience. Recital participation exceptions will be considered; however, a written request must be turned in to the Front Desk by January 20th. You must notify the front desk no later than January 20th to be exempt from recital costume charges. If enrollment occurs after January, you must notify the front desk within two weeks from the start date if you will be unable to participate in the recital.

Recital Fees are non-refundable.