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-The Fall Schedule has staggered start/end times to lessen congestion at entry and exit. This will also allow each teacher to sanitize their classroom in-between classes. 


-All outdoor classroom spaces have been designed to stay in compliance with capacity guidelines, and to maximize the dancer’s ability to practice social distancing. 


-All dancers, teachers and staff are required to wear their own face masks at all times while in the outdoor space. 


-All dancers, teachers, staff and patrons will have their temperature taken by a no-touch thermometer before entering the outdoor classroom space. 


-All patrons must be free of COVID-19 symptoms and not have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days. 


-Sanitizers will be provided throughout the outdoor space, the use of personal sanitizers is highly encouraged. 


-All tumbling equipment will be sanitized with ClearGear (EPA approved disinfectant) prior to the start of each class. 


-Making a payment or updating your credit card should be done on your personal device through the online Parent Portal. Payment by credit card is highly encouraged. Checks will be accepted. Cash will not be accepted at this time. 


The studio is being proactive in creating a space that is healthy and safe for everyone. Thank you for sticking with us through this hard time. We’re excited to get back to in-person classes. Please email with any questions. 


Thanks, Jaime, Teachers and Staff



We have set up 3 "classrooms" in the parking lot to the left side of our building. This area is roped off with caution tape and construction cones. Each "classroom" is tented to provide shade, and has a foam floor to protect the dancer's feet from the heat of the asphalt.


Since we are outdoors, there will not be a lobby/waiting area. All dancers must remain in their car until a few minutes before the start of the class. When walking over to the "classroom" be sure to be wearing real shoes (no barefeet or socks). We will have a designated area around the perimeter of each "classroom" to put your street shoes during class.


Dancers will have their temperature checked before being allowed into the outdoor classroom area. Parents, please wait until your child's temperature has been taken before driving away. We also ask that you drive through our parking lot with added caution. Help us to keep this new space safe! 




All dancers, teachers and staff will be required to wear a mask throughout the entire time they are in our outdoor space. We suggest bringing an additional clean mask/s in a ziploc bag if you think your first mask will get sweaty, or if you would like to have a fresh mask at the start of a new class. (While we were able to allow dancers to take down their masks at the beginning of our July session, we now must have all dancers keep their masks on at ALL TIMES. Thank you for helping us slow the spread and keep everyone well!)


All dancers will be required to bring a personal yoga mat to put on their dance space. This will further help to ensure minimization of common area overlap.


All dancers should plan to bring a pair of dance socks (thicker socks) to take class in. You will be able to wear your dance socks or go barefoot for all classes, regardless of style. (Ballroom heels will NOT be allowed for Ballroom!) 


Since we will be outdoors, there will not be access to a water filling station. Be sure to bring enough water bottles with you to last through all of your classes you have that day. Bring more than you think you might need so you are well prepared!

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