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Hi, Im Brittany :) I am a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher. I was born with Sensorineural hearing loss in one ear and conductive hearing loss in the other. When I was little, language was very difficult for me, but my mom found that I loved to dance around and that I responded well to music, so she put me in dance class when I was 3 years old. The first time I donned a tutu and stepped on stage I fell in love. Within a year I had found a ballroom partner and never looked back. I trained in jazz. ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, tumbling, Standard and Latin Ballroom.  

     Along the way, I tried my hand at different sports and I quickly learned that not only did I lack the coordination and desire, but also the ability to  decifer direction of sound, which became overwhelming for me and problematic for everyone else. To me, a soccer field was a wide open studio where I could dance, tumble and create, but I could not wrap my head around soccer.  I felt at home in a studio, learning, creating and pushing myself to be better. It was there that I found my center and my strength, I felt whole. It was at that time that I knew that dance was my path, my passion and my purpose.

     Throughout my childhood, I had the opportunity to train with some of the worlds top coaches, winning several National Latin titles and performing in professional shows all around the United States. One of my most memorable childhood experiences is when my partner and I won the Dancing with the Stars Kids Edition at 13 years old. Moving to the big city to pursue my dream of becoming a professional dancer was exciting and challenging.  I spent the first year on my own attending every class and audition that I possibly could and landed some very cool jobs. It was an eye opening experience, it helped that I did not have the mind set that I was the only talented dancer moving to LA for work and that I would have to put hard work in to get good results.  It was an amazing experience to train with and work with some of the industries top dancers and choreographers.  

    I have had the opportunity to work on Disney and Nickelodeon shows, sitcoms, awards shows, the Top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance and performed with Ballroom with a Twist and Kyle Hanagamis' Making Moves.  On Dancing with the Stars, I performed with the troupe and with artists such as Taylor Swift, Pitbull, Huey Lewis, Kevin Hart, Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Trainor, Andy Grammer, Ross Lynch and Patty Labelle. I danced in the North American Tour of Move, Live on Tour with Derek and Julianne Hough and in Mark Ballas' music video Get Your Name. I also accompanied Ed Sheeran on his United States Tour, where I trained Ed and danced with him in his music video Thinking Out Loud.  I was given an amazing opportunity to travel to Asia and Europe to share my passion for dance, ending the incredible journey in Glasgow, Scotland performing at the EMA’s with Ed Sheeran and Paul Karmiryan.  I officially joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars on Season 20 as a professional troupe member and have gone on three DWTS national tours.

      I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a professional dancer. I knew that it would take hard work, dedication and perserverance and that there would be struggles and sacrifice, and it did, it still does. The journey is never over, it has many peaks and valleys. Along side of injuries and let downs, there have been incredible experiences of growth and success.  I have loved and appreciated every minute of the journey getting to where I am and I look forward to each new chapter in my career with the same determination and excitement.

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