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The Aerial Arts class is our newest addition to our aerial program, specifically designed for 4 - 8 year olds! Aerial Arts classes will cover all the basics of Aerial Tissues, Hoops and Hammocks!

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Aerial Tissue, Hoop and Hammock classes are offered for ages 9+.  Various aerial acrobatic skills are learned on each apparatus. Tissue is the apparatus that refers to the 2 panels of aerial silk that hang from the ceiling. Hammock is a single looped piece of aerial silk hanging from the ceiling. Hoop is a circular steel apparatus that is suspended from the ceiling.
Aerial classes are split into distinct levels that are determined by the acquisition of specific skills. Intermediate and Advanced levels require teacher approval. Email


The dress code for Aerial is any style of plain leotard (non-shiny) and leggings that cover the knee. Hair must be pulled back and secured in either a ponytail or bun. No lotions or jewelry. 



Classes are leveled based on skills attained. If you’re not certain what the level of your dancer or aerialist is, you’re welcome to call the studio to set up an assessment.


Beginner – no experience necessary.

Beg /int  Requirements: Climbing, Single Foot Lock, Candy Cane, Double foot locks, X Back, Foot Lock in the Air, Single Star.


Int / Adv  Requirements: Climbing, Ability to comfortably invert in the Air, Eggbeaters, Foot lock(s) in the air, Hip Key, X Back, Double Star.


Adv Requirements: 8 Straddles in the air with straight legs, Double Star, Straddle Climb, Double Ankle Hang, Hip Key.

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