Bobbie's School of Performing Arts

Code of Conduct

I know that to become the best dancer I can be, I must follow Bobbie’s Student Code of Conduct.

  1. I will show respect for my teachers, choreographers, and all Bobbie’s staff at all times.
    • I will choose to never talk back…
    • I will choose to never roll my eyes…
    • I will choose to never moan or groan under my breath…
    • I will choose to never make unkind remarks…
  2. I will choose to treat my fellow dancers with respect at all times.
  3. I will choose to never make unkind remarks about my teachers, choreographers or fellow dancers.
  4. I will attend class regularly unless I am ill or have a family emergency.
  5. I will arrive for class 10 minutes early, dressed in the proper attire for my class and my hair done correctly.
  6. I will sign in on the clipboard outside my studio.
  7. If I arrive late, I will ask the teacher’s permission to enter the classroom late.
  8. I will not leave the classroom once class has begun without my teacher’s permission.
  9. I will not chew gum in the studio.
  10. I will treat the studio with the same respect I do my home.
  11. I will serve as a proper role model for younger dancers and my peers at all times.
  12. I will not bring food or drink into the classroom.
  13. I will eat only in designated areas of the studio. I will always throw my own trash away.
  14. In the classroom, I will choose not to:
    • Hang or lean on the barres
    • Talk to my friends when I should be listening
    • Disrupt a class that is in session
  15. I recognize that I am not invited behind the front desk at any time.
  16. I will wait for my ride inside the waiting room or where the front desk receptionist can see me.
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