Code of Conduct

I know that to become the best dancer I can be, I must follow Bobbie’s Student Code of Conduct.

  1. I will show respect for my teachers, choreographers, and all Bobbie’s staff at all times.
    • I will choose to never talk back……
    • I will choose to never roll my eyes…..
    • I will choose to never moan or groan under my breath……
    • I will choose to never make unkind remarks …..
  2. I will choose to treat my fellow dancers with respect at all times……
  3. I will choose to never make unkind remarks about my teachers, choreographers or fellow dancers.
  4. I will attend class regularly unless I am ill or have a family emergency.
  5. I will arrive for class 10 minutes early, dressed in the proper attire for my class and my hair done correctly.
  6. I will sign in on the clipboard outside my studio.
  7. If I arrive late, I will ask the teacher’s permission to enter the classroom late.
  8. I will not leave the classroom once class has begun without my teacher’s permission.
  9. I will not chew gum in the studio.
  10. I will treat the studio with the same respect I do my home.
  11. I will serve as a proper role model for younger dancers and my peers at all times.
  12. I will not bring food or drink into the classroom.
  13. I will eat only in designated areas of the studio. I will always throw my own trash away.
  14. In the classroom, I will choose not to:
    • Hang or lean on the barres
    • Talk to my friends when I should be listening
    • Disrupt a class that is in session
  15. I recognize that I am not invited behind the front desk at any time.
  16. I will wait for my ride inside the waiting room or where the front desk receptionist can see me.

Join Our Team

Dress Code - 2016/17


No jewelry (except for small studs for pierced ears).

The required leotards for Munchkins, Twinkle Toes, and Jumpstart ballet are on sale in Bobbie’s Boutique at the studio.

Twinkle Toes and Munchkins- Ballet and Tap

any style pink leotard

theatrical pink tights (soft pink)

pink ballet shoes with elastic sewn in place

black tap shoes

some kind of a bag to store shoes in

hair off the neck in a ponytail, French braid, or bun

a ballet skirt is optional


Jumpstart Ballet

any style purple or lavender leotard

theatrical pink tights (soft pink)

pink ballet shoes with elastic sewn in place

hair off the neck, preferably in a bun, no ponytails or fly-away hair

no other clothing may be worn over leotard and tights


Pre-teen and Teen Ballet

any style black leotard

Pink Ballet shoes with elastic sewn

Pink tights

Hair in bun


Pre-Company Ballet

Leotard based on level


Pre-Company Elite and Company Ballet Levels

Any style black leotard

Pink tights

Pink ballet shoes with elastic sewn

Hair in bun

No extra clothing may be worn over leotard and tights.

•    No Sports Bras or Crop tops under leotard.


Boys Ballet

white fitted short sleeve shirt

Black Male tights(Levels 1-6)

black ballet shoes with attached elastic


any colored fitted dance top

leggings, booty shorts

hair pulled back off the face

variety of shoe needed…jazz, foot undies, or bare-foot


All Levels of Jazz

any colored fitted dance top

tights are not required

tan jazz shoes (tan jazz shoes will be worn for Recital)

booty shorts or leggings

hair must be out of face


Boys Jazz

any T-shirt

cotton knit shorts above the knee (no cargo pants)

tan jazz shoes


All Levels of Tap

any color and style of leotard or fitted dance top

leggings or booty shorts

black tap shoes

Twinkle toes through Munchkin (black shiny patent ties)

Jumpstart and above (black oxford)


Boys Tap

any T-shirt

cotton or jersey knit shorts

black oxford tap shoes



loose clothing so you can move



 any color leotard (preferably NOT shiny fabric), leggings

 barefoot, no lotions or socks, hair pulled back out of face


Correct grooming for dance class is an essential component for the continued progress of our students.